• Officially licensed by Chevrolet to JConcepts
  • Clear, pre-trimmed body with protective film
  • Body measures 7.5” center section width, 12.3” wheelbase
  • Fits a variety of crawler truck platforms
  • Scale inspired body, cab, and window design
  • 1:1 headlight and grille treatment
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window masks and detailed pre-trimmed 1961 Corvair Lakewood decal sheet

1961 Corvair Lakewood

The station wagon you didn’t know you needed has now arrived from JConcepts. Originally, the Chevy Corvair was introduced as an affordable compact car to compete in the 1960’s sales market with the Volkswagen Beetle. Having the distinct pleasure of being the only American-designed, mass-produced passenger car with rear-mounted and air-cooled engine, the Corvair was unique. During the 1961 model year, Chevrolet introduced a station wagon version giving an amazing amount of floor space and trunk space to an emerging customer base. In the RC world of crawling machines, nothing has come close to the vibes the Corvair puts off.

After numerous requests, JConcepts responded to customers with a modified off-road version of the Corvair vehicle. The queen and family truckster of the crawler truck world, the Lakewood is precisely designed by the crew to have rigid lines, scale attributes, and newly vested off-road appeal. The vehicle scales well to the 12.3” wheelbase vehicles found commonly in RC and incorporates slightly larger wheel wells to house crawling tires like the Tusk, Landmines, and Ruptures.

The station wagon appears fresh and crosses over quite well with multiple side windows which have been recessed and heavily outlined for detail. The mark of the Corvair, the wrap-around front windshield is very 1960’s, and without it, just wouldn’t be the same. The roof of the body has louver paneling for increased buckle strength but a lot of real-estate for different body mounting techniques. Door lines provide a nice reminder of the heavy metal parts previously used in car and truck manufacturing.

JConcepts went all out with a multi-piece mold to enable the greatest amount of detail located at the front and rear of the body shell. The Lakewood has major undercuts, specifically to show off the front headlight and bezel detail that is maximized with dual headlights. A round front bumper blends into the fender work while allowing the use of many aftermarket bumpers to extend in front depending on the chassis of choice. The flat grille area is matched with crispy pre-trimmed decals and a centered Corvair logo.

The rear section of the body tucks to the bottom cutline allowing space for the round rear bumper to flow right into the design. Rear taillights are double trouble, featuring a deep pull to separate them from the rear door and hatch. Body lines highlight important rear detail while the rear window treatment is open and includes plenty of room for decals located on the sheet. Fender flares border the body shell and show a slight lip giving an already structured body a more hard-edge punch.

The clear pre-trimmed body is completely factory cut with an incredible edge finish around the wheel wells, along with front and rear bumper areas. The item has overspray film already applied to the surface and will peel easily after the finalized paint and body mounting details are performed by the user. Window masks are also included and designed to fit straight into the body for the quickest and easiest process to get the driver to the trails in a hurry. A full spread of pre-trimmed JConcepts decals is included and feature everything from Corvair logos to JConcepts Adventure Team logos, all the way to fine chrome trim, license plates, headlight, taillights, and suave grille and door handles.

The JConcepts team builds, tests, and travels the world to support the brand and gather valuable driver feedback in search of the best appearing and performance items on the market. The product is designed in the U.S.A. and always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style, licensing, and authenticity. Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic and licensed products – choose JConcepts.

*Some vehicle brands and models will require user generated modifications to fit certain body shells such as the 1961 Corvair Lakewood by JConcepts. Vehicles that have inner fenders and extremely wide side-guards might require removal or modification to fit certain body shells.


Body Style

1961 Corvair Lakewood





Vehicle Type

Rock Crawler

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